Campaign 2012

I am a candidate in the 2012 municipal elections in helsinki


My most important campaign themes:

The housing market must be fixed by easing regulation

Emissions should be minimized by using nuclear powered district heating

Market economy and humane social policy

”Market based solutions for enhancing the welfare of the people of Helsinki. Healthier housing markets by easing regulation. Minimizing emissions by nuclear powered district heating. Taking the needs and wants of fathers’s and boys better into account in municipal services. These are one of the most important subjects as I run for the city council in Helsinki. I am 30-year old man from Kallio, a Master of Political Science. I work as a specialist in the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences’ Strategic Planning Office. I am the chairman of the Green Men’s Movement and it’s founding member. I also take part in Helsinki’s Board of Sports and Recreation, in Climate working group of the Helsinki Greens and in the Greens of Science and Technology”

You can make a campaign donation here