About Jukka

I was born in 1982 in Kallio, Helsinki. I have been living in Kallio’s Karhupuisto for the last four years, in the same place I spent the first months of my life. I spent my childhood in Koskela. During the university years I lived in Malmi, Arabianranta and Toronto, where I studied Political Science for a year. I work as a specialist in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I do different kinds of statistics, reports and indicators in the Strategic Planning Office.

I graduated Master of Political Sciences from University of Helsinki on autumn 2009. I majored in Political Science and minored in Social Policy, History and Economics. So politics have long been a very important and interesting thing for me. I even did my theses about – green – politics. My bachelor thesis was about basic income and my master’s thesis about study of happiness (“Happiness and Freedom – Neoliberalism and Green ideology from the viewpoint of happiness research”).

I have been green in mind – tolerant, open-minded and interested in environmental issues – for my whole life. I joined the Green party in 2002 and became an active member in 2006 when my then-neighbor Otto Lehtipuu asked whether I would be interested in being his campaign chief in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The elections sparked a willingness to act in politics in me and it also gave me confidence on my own ideas and abilities. This is why I also said yes when Otto asked whether I would be interested in being a candidate in the 2008 municipal elections. The elections went quite well – I received 183 votes which is quite good for a new candidate that is not well known. This time around there is a chance of getting many more votes!

In the Green party my main activity has centered around the Green Men’s Movement (Vimili). I was one of the eight founding members who gathered in a café in Kiasma in late 2008. I was elected member of the board in 2009 when Jukka Relander was the chairman. During Relander’s term Vimili became one of the bigger nationwide Green member organizations. As a board member my biggest personal achievement was the Vimili’s army model that I planned with Kalle Mikkola. This very thorough, wide and detailed model has received praise from military, it has been called the most sophisticated army model presented by a political party within the last ten years.

I was elected chairman of Vimili on December 2011. The greatest achievement so far has been the work we have done relating to circumcision. We were one of the NGO’s that published a position paper on circumcision. We also brought the issue to Green party congress in spring 2012 where we placed a motion to outlaw non-medical circumcision in Finland. The motion was not passed but this was the first time circumcision had been brought to party congress in Finland.

Apart from Vimili I take part in Green politics as a member of Helsinki’s Board of Sports and Recreation, in Climate working group of the Helsinki Greens and in the Greens of Science and Technology. In the Board of Sports and Recreation I have been working for getting more energy efficient solutions to infrastructure, replacing old sand soccer fields with turf fields and having more market oriented ways of handling the berths in Helsinki. In the Climate working group I have been working on getting nuclear powered district heating for Helsinki. I think this is only way Helsinki can achieve the 80 % emission reduction goal.

When it comes to political ideologies I am very close to classical liberal. My political goal – to put I broadly – is to offer every individual the greatest possible freedom to accomplish his or her own individual dreams and objectives. By “freedom” I mean it both in the negative sense: as few rules as possible related to how to behave and act in the market as well as the positive: proper living standards should also be guaranteed for the less-privileged by basic income. I also represent the (according to some studies almost 30 %) part of the Green movement that is pro-nuclear. I think that every possible solution and technology must be used to tackle the climate change but at this moment I think it is clear that using more nuclear power is the most efficient and prominent technology we have.

I hope you read more about my views and contact me if you have any comments or questions.


Jukka Jonninen

September 30th, 2012